Polyscope is an open-source project, and you are encouraged to contribute!

Polyscope is first and foremost a C++ library; these Python bindings are just wrappers. Any significant new features should first be implemented in C++, then wrapped in Python.

A few high-level guidelines:

  • All contributions must be released under Polyscope’s MIT license.

  • Significant new features need to be documented! This documentation lives in polyscope-docs. You can and should submit a request there at the same time as adding code to Polyscope.

    • The documentation uses markdown. Modifying the docs amounts to editing a source file and rebuilding the site source. The the nodes there in
    • To add a new page to the documentation, edit mkdocs.yml.
  • Be sure to run the unit tests and add tests for any new features.

  • Add a blurb to the release notes!

We’ll expand these guidelines as Polyscope grows.