Polyscope stands on the shoulders of many outstanding open-source projects. These dependencies are all permissively licensed, and bundled with the project; we just list them here to give due credit!

Name Purpose Link
GLFW Window and input management with openGL
Dear ImGui GUI interface (buttons, text boxes, etc)
glad OpenGL loader (used on Windows/Linux)
glm Vector math and glsl utilities
stb Header-only libraries, esp. image loading
json Read/write json text
mkdocs Doc generation
mkdocs-material Doc generation
googletest Unit testing
pybind11 (Python only) Python bindings
Eigen (Python only) numpy interop for bindings

Additionally, Polyscope includes a few public-domain / permissively licensed assets. Some of the built-in matcaps are from the Blender project, and others were rendered using Blender. The built-in colormaps come from several sources as detailed on the colormap page, including Smith et. al., cmocean, and matplotlib. The concrete texture on the ground is from Thank you, artists!