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Scalar Quantities

Visualize scalar (real or integer)-valued data at the points of a point cloud.


#include "polyscope/point_cloud.h"

std::vector<double> xC(points.size());
for (size_t i = 0; i < points.size(); i++) {
  xC[i] = points[i].x;

// visualize
polyscope::getPointCloud(pointCloudName)->addScalarQuantity("xC", xC);

PointCloud::addScalarQuantity(std::string name, const T& values, DataType type = DataType::STANDARD)

Add a scalar quantity to the point cloud.

  • values is the array of scalars at points. The type should be adaptable to a float scalar array. The length should be the number of points in the point cloud.


Parameter Meaning Getter Setter Persistent?
enabled is the quantity enabled? bool isEnabled() setEnabled(bool newVal) yes
color map the color map to use std::string getColorMap() setColorMap(std::string newMap) yes
map range the lower and upper limits used when mapping the data in to the color map std::pair<double,double> getMapRange() setMapRange(std::pair<double,double>) and resetMapRange() no

(all setters return this to support chaining. setEnabled() returns generic quantity, so chain it last)